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Our custom-made aluminum caps, can turn your pickup truck into a complete commercial service vehicle.  We build custom caps for carpentry, pumping, excavation, pool service, animal eviction, electrical, gutter, roofing, siding, painting, heating & cooling, garage door, and many other trades.

Our aluminum ladder racks are the best in the truck industry.  Custom-built for your use, they will outlast your work truck.   On average our racks weigh 70% less of what the same steel rack weighs.  Our racks can also be built for vans, SUVs, and trailers.  We build custom racks for gutter, roofing, siding, painting, garage door, carpentry, and many other trades.

Leer makes the top fiberglass truck cap in the industry.  Their caps are beautifully tailored for everyday use, and they are custom built / painted to surpass your needs.  Built for an active lifestyle:  camping, fishing, hunting, weekend road trips, or home projects.   

Our experts will help you equip your truck with the perfect cover for your lifestyle.  All are expertly installed by the most experienced installers in the industry.  The benefits of having your truck bed covered are numerous: Weather Protection, Security, Added Functionality, Custom Look, Increased Versatility, and more…

Northwest Truckworld

established in 1977

540 S. Rand Road (US Rt. 12)

Wauconda, IL 60084

phone - 847-526-5151

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