Design Your Own Cap
Swiss HDU truck cap
Swiss HDU truck cap
Swiss HDU cap
Swiss HDU Cap
Side Toolbox
Side Door on 8' Bed
Swiss HDU
Swiss HDU 29" Cap
Swiss HDU with Side Window
Swiss HDU Cap with Side Double Doors
Double Side Doors
Swiss HDU
Service Bodies
Service Body Cap
Service Body Cap with Double Doors
Service Body with windows
Swiss Service Body Topper with Aluminum Rack
Swiss Service Body with LED lights
Aluminum Service Cap
Aluminum Caps
Built to order caps
Swiss Cap with H Rack
Swiss Standard Aluminum Cap
Pace Edwards Retractable Utility Bed Cov
A job site necessity, our Retractable Utility Bed Cover is designed for service trucks. It’s available as a manual, spring-action cover or with an electric motor for hands-free, remote operation.
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Swiss HDU truck cap